Monday, July 23, 2012

"GLCs Stifling the LOCAL Economy?" - TV Debate, Channel 127-UNIFI

[ Laughter Moments in Between Shots of FACE OFF, Episode 1-Season 1. Amirul(Against-Left), Raj(Host-Centre) & Zakir(For-Right) ]

" GLCs Stifling the LOCAL Economy? "

The above was the TV debate topic given to me and I was supposed to present my views against the topic.
The debate was aired at a new programme called " FACE OFF " which was aired last week(Wednesday) at 10PM on the UNIFI's Hypp TV - Channel 127 also known as The Capital TV.

Brief details of the programme:- The Capital TV
Promo Video can be viewed at Utube:- Capital TV Promo

Apart from regular Mamak Shop debate/discussions over a glass of teh tarik and normally spiced with some roti canai, the event was my first ever sit down debate.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

" INTERNSHIP & NETWORKING " - Guest Speaker at the AEI-Univ. of Malaya

Was invited again for the second time by Prof. Samuel van den Bergh to give a talk on "INTERNSHIP & NETWORKING" as part of the Business Networks and Clusters subject to the 2010/2011 IMSME Intake at the Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya.

( "Sense of Relief" Immediately after the Lecture is Over on Thursday, 9 December 2010 )

( Nice Surprise to receive an AEI Goodie Bag as appreciation from Ms. Aliya, the most "Senior" member of 2010/2011 IMSME Class )

( Prof. Samuel van den Bergh-Visiting Prof. from Zurich Univ. Switzerland & Me, after the "Internship & Networking" Lecture )

( 2010/2011 IMSME Students with Prof. Sam )

( AEI Seminar Series, talk by Prof. Sam on Wednesday, 8th December )

"INTERNSHIP & NETWORKING" Presentation Slides can be viewed at:- SLIDESHARE website or,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Creation of a Database for Potential Bumi Entrepreneurs"

Received a Survey/Questionnaire titled " Kajian Penubuhan Pangkalan Maklumat Usahawan Bumiputera Berpotensi" from the EPU (translated means as per "Title Above").

Having previously been a Dialogue Member for "Financing Infrastructure " with the Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation(MOSTI) & Yayasan Kajian Strategik Melayu(YKSM), I'd consider it to be both an honour and a privilege to be the recipient of such a Questionnaire.

Having said the above, it would certainly be helpful if the EPU could elucidate as to:-
1) How the respondents were identified;
2) What follow-up programmes would there be for respondents to the Questionnaire as I'd previously received another Questionnaire (from the Statistical Department and related to Bumiputera businesses...if my memory serves me right) about 2-3 years back but no feedback have been received since....NOT even a TQ note.

PERHAPS, it's time for me to do business again...BUT WHAT!!??

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MINDA - Launch of Corporate WEBSITE & BROCHURE, Attended

Attended the launch of the Malaysian Directors Academy - MINDA's Corporate Website & Brochure at a leading hotel in KL.

MINDA came about as one of the channels for the improvement and development of GLCs directors which was initiated by the GREEN Book on "Enhancing Board Effectiveness" launched in April 2006. In retrospect, the Green Book was given birth by the "Putrajaya Committee on GLC High Performance(PCG)".

In his speech, Dato' Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah - the Minister of Finance 2 made some interesting comments which caught my attention. Amongst them were:-

(1) Make profits NOT just from Restructuring of Assets & Cutting Operating Expenditure.
Comment: Restructuring & Cost Cutting measures seems to be the mantra of GLCs. Some Examples - MAS (WAU-Widespread Asset Unbundling) , Telekom Malaysia ( splitting of telco giant into TMB & Axiata)and Sime Darby (consolidation of a few companies to create a world giant).

(2) Bring back "Sexiness" & "Entrepreneurship" in GLCs.
Comment: this frank admission by the MoF2 reinforces the public's perception that GLCs are run by managers who might be afraid to "rock the boat" and prefers to "keep the ships and planes at the ports and airports" so as to speak....the ships and planes might be safe at the ports but then again,they were not built for that purposes. The powers that be must find a mechanism whereby creativity & ingenuity in risk-taking are rewarded rather than frowned upon or, looked down to. Additionally, the Government's infatuation with appointing consultants who haven't one iota of having started any business(es) on their own or, using their own capital should be reduced if not stopped.

Considering that the MoF2 and T.S.Azman Mokhtar were there for the launch and that there are around 250 GLC directors in 33 companies, I hasten to say that the turnout from the GLC directors is a tad...disappointing!

On a related albeit separate issue, the government should also consider setting-up a similar academy for SME's Directors as the challenges facing them are different from GLCs or MNCs.

LINKS to this Event:-
1) Business Times.
2) The Malaysian Insider.

On a personal level, I would like to thank MINDA's CEO OP Abdul Aziz for the kind greetings to a fellow alumni! TQ Dato'.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

" Business Networks & Clusters " - Guest Speaker at Asia-Europe Institute(AEI), UM

Received an invitation from Prof. Samuel van den Bergh to give a short talk of around 1-hour on a Wednesday in mid-January 2010 to the present batch of students pursuing the International Masters in Small & Medium Enterprises (IMSMEs) at the ASEAN Room, Asia-Europe Institute(AEI) - University of Malaya, KL.

( Amirul HM, joining the IMSME students for some activities )

( 2009/2010 IMSMEs Students at AEI-UM )

(Prof. Samuel van den Bergh of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

Spoke mainly on:-
* Business Networks. COMMERCIAL transactions and RESEARCH Networking between AEI Alumni were given as examples.
* AEI Internship Programme generally and specifically at the ASEAN Secretariat(ASEC) - Jakarta, Indonesia (also showed an ASEAN promo video & picture slides of the activities held during the ASEC internship programme).

Subsequently, joined the IMSME class for some communications and cross-cultural activities.

Thank you to Prof. Samuel van den Bergh ( Prof. in Crosscultural Competence and Crosscultural Management)from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland for the kind invitation.

Note: Miss Arlene T. & Mr. Tendy G. of ASEC-Jakarta, there might be some queries on ASEC and ASEAN SMEs coming your way!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

WORLD BANK RFP - "INDONESIA - Access to Islamic Finance for SMEs"

In the current global economic downturn and credit crunch, the rise and importance of Indonesian SMEs are lent further credence by the WORLD BANK's recent RFP titled :-

" INDONESIA - Access to Islamic Finance for SMEs"
( Code: TF 093571 #8038 ).

I supposed the realisation by foreign analysts that

even by concentrating on the domestic markets,

Indonesian SMEs managed to chart growth on a

year-t0-year basis makes a study on this area

compelling! This is coupled with the availability of

deep-pocket Islamic funds from around the world

especially the GCC countries and the fact that with

the re-election of President SBY in July 2009, there is some semblence of political stability.


Info received from a Consulting company based in South Asia
via e-mail dated 22nd August 2009)

Friday, July 17, 2009

NO Definition of an ASEAN SME !?

Time is RIPE for the advent of a definition of an ASEAN SME.
( Refer to )

*since 17-7 '09*

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